[▆▆▆▆▆▆▆__________________________] (it’s a progress bar)

Professor Tougaw and my writing group have given me excellent suggestions as to how to progress with my paper, and I’m very thankful. My writing group is reassuring because they made my draft seem like less of a mess than I had thought it was, so I’m really grateful to them.

I agree with a lot of the feedback, and a lot of it mirrored the critiques I had given myself, which makes me feel like I have a fairly good understanding of where I currently am. Occasionally, the commentary conflicted with one another, leaving me slightly uncertain as to the status of certain things, but I guess that just means that it’s left up to my own discretion.

At the moment, I’m very overwhelmed by my paper. I haven’t really been able to look at it because I’m frustrated with it and can’t decide whether I should fix everything that’s wrong with it or if I should finish writing and then go back and mess around with it. I’m also mad that I don’t have a real thesis yet, because people keep asking me what my paper is on and I don’t have a short answer. I think I just need a week or so away from it before I can face it again.

So, as of now, I’ve been reading up on some primary sources for the topics I haven’t written yet. I hope to resume writing it sometime next week. I think I’m going to work on finishing a complete draft before I start fixing it, but I’m not really sure yet. I’m just happy to be done with finals, and I’m happy that we had these drafts due because it forced me to actually start writing the paper, instead of just thinking about it in theory.

So, happy holiday guys, and enjoy your vacation!

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  1. So I’m sure things have progressed since you’ve written this and not to worry, I was having a lot of the same feelings and frustrations. With the deadline due next week, I think just having a finished draft would be most beneficial even if there are some holes or inconsistencies, those things can always be addressed in the workshop and cleaned up. I think it’s more important to have something to work with (which I’m desperately trying to produce).

    I still don’t have a short answer for my thesis… Perhaps it doesn’t have to be a short answer? (I hope) After all, some of us are really trying to tackle some complex ideas. Keep at it and focus on the smaller bits and they’ll piece themselves together.

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