To Do List

Things that I need to do:

-Modify my thesis

-Reorganize my paragraphs

-Add some new psych articles I found

-Add a little bit more about the domestic/adventure functions

-Because I’m ripping my paragraphs out and a sticking them into new places I then have to completely re-work transitions and stitching.

But overall, those tasks shouldn’t be too bad. I think I’m in a good place, and I think I have a better understanding of what I want to do with my paper now.

One thought on “To Do List”

  1. These changes *sound* huge, but you’ve got the material, so in a lot of ways making them will be pragmatic. Once you really articulate thesis and motive, the other pieces should fall into place pretty organically. And I think you’re ready to articulate thesis and motive.

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